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Why is Spray Foam Insulation Considered a Green Product?

Spray Foam Energy Solutions offers the best solution to the ongoing energy consumption of your home.  We install the only insulation product available that can Permanently Lower your Heating & Cooling Energy Costs by 50 – 60%.

  • Significantly lowers the ‘Carbon Footprint’ of your home.
  • Reduces heating and cooling energy consumption and costs by 50 to 60% for the life of your Home
  • Made with renewable Soybean and Castor Bean Vegetable Oils and other plant based materials, grown in the USA
  • Contains recycled water bottles – removed from the waste stream
  • Contains No Ozone Depleting Chemicals – No Formaldehyde
  • Non Off-Gassing – No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
  • Allows a 25 – 40%  reduction in heating and cooling equipment size
  • Seals against unwanted air infiltration which accounts for 40 to 50% of a homes energy loss, as determined by US Department of Energy testing
  • Is manufactured on-site reducing transportation energy usage
  • Does not support the growth of mold and/or mildew
  • Provides a quieter, more comfortable home with improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Spray Foam qualifies for a significant amount of ‘LEED Credits’ and more importantly produces ‘Real World’ results!

Q) If it’s Green and Healthy, why the hazmat gear?

A) As Spray Foam is applied, it expands 130% during the first 3 – 4 seconds. If you were to inhale the unexpanded foam during application it could cause respiratory distress, so we wear fresh air masks. The coveralls, gloves and head coverings simply keep the foam from sticking to our clothes, arms and hair, making clean-up quick and easy.