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Will a new AC unit save me money?


A new air conditioner is a significant investment. It can be much of a dilemma to determine the right time to buy a new AC. Hanging on to the old AC might not be a prudent decision. Especially if your power bills are starting to spike up.

Look out for telltale signs from the old AC that signal the emergency to buy a new air conditioning unit:
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  • Huge electricity bills.
  • Noises from the unit while it is working.
  • Loss of cooling capacity.
  • Recurrent repairs.
  • Unavailability of spare parts (which means your AC is an ancient one)

If you are still hesitant about buying a new AC, take a look at the number of benefits this investment offers you.

1.Increased efficiency of new AC units

The SEER ratings determine the efficiency of an air conditioner. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit is. The latest version of AC units in the market has a SEER rating of 25.

Outdated units have a maximum of 18 SEER, which makes them less efficient.

2.Lesser power consumption

Older air conditioning systems require more power to bring on the cooling effect. If the unit takes an hour to bring down the temperature of a hot room by a few degrees, a new unit will give you the same effect in less than 30 minutes. Of course, this also depends on the size of the room and the capacity of the unit. Older Furnace Repair in Tewksbury MA units are the culprits of enormous electricity bills.

3. Tonnage and size matters

Your HVAC expert should be able to calculate the right tonnage of the unit regarding the area which requires the AC. Under-sized or oversized air conditioners will cause inefficient temperature control.

4.Lesser repairs and easy maintenance

New air conditioners work smoothly with a bi-annual maintenance schedule. They are engineered with the latest advances in technology that ensure they run efficiently for many years. Older units call for more attention, which translates to more maintenance bills.

5.Better incentives

New units with higher SEER rating come with manufacturer’s rebates and discounts. By purchasing a new unit, you may qualify for additional discounts from the original price. Some manufacturers also offer gifts or gift coupons to encourage the buyer to become a loyal customer of their brand.

6.Tech-savvy benefits

When you purchase a new AC unit, you are upgrading your home or office with the latest that technology has to offer. A new AC is a significant relief from your noisy, clunky old unit. You can enjoy the energy-efficient, uninterrupted airflow throughout your home.

The latest ACs are designed to be controlled with your smartphone. They come with tech-savvy thermostats, timers, etc. Combined with advanced air filtration and purification systems, they are far better than your old ACs when it comes to reducing harmful air particles and allergens. Take your time to check out the new ACs in the market and find out what fits your budget. Say goodbye to your old AC and furnish your home with the latest model!

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